WJWC organizes course on overall frameworks of constitution

The Yemeni Human Rights Network (YHRN) in collaboration with Women Journalists Without Chains (WJWC) held on Saturday a workshop on the overall frameworks of the new Yemeni constitution.

About 15 lawyers and political activists from Hadhramout took part in the workshop.
Bushra al-Surmi, a representative of WJWC, presented the workshop and the journalist Eidi al-Munifi presented an outline about the vision of YHRN over the constitution's overall frameworks.
The goal of the workshop was to enrich the vision with suggestions and observations and collecting them in order to be used in the future constitution.
The vision included principles and articles regarding human rights which all Yemeni legalizations and laws included them.
It also detailed all basic political, civilian, social economic, cultural rights and freedoms as well as human rights and transitional justice.
At the end of the workshop, the participants provided their observations and suggestions on the vision. They were discussed with the aim of including them in the new Yemeni constitution.

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