WJWC denounces assault on Akram al-Kamel

Women Journalists Without Chains (WJWC) decries assaulting Akram al-Kamel when he got out from a mosque in the town of al-Ka'eda.

When al-Kamel tried to hide, he was pursued with the aim of murdering him.
Al-Kamel said he was subjected to an attack last Saturday by bodyguards of Sheikh Abdul-Malik Mhammed Ahmed Mansour, pointing out that they brutally assaulted and insulted him.
Al-Kamel had received numerous calls in which he was threatened with killing by followers of the sheikh. He was threatened with physical elimination if he continues coverage the issues of al-Ja'ashin.
While WJWC condemns the assault committed against al-Kamel by the sheikh of al-Ja'ashi, it expresses full solidarity with al-Kamel.
WJWC calls the public authorities and local council of Ibb to probe into the incident, arrest the perpetrators and bring them to justice.
WJWC condemns the continuing violations by Sheikh of al-Ja'ashin and his son against the population of al-Ja'ashin, asking the government to take necessary measures against the sheikh.


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