WJWC denounces barring Tawkol from entering Egypt

Women Journalists Without Chains (WJWC) condemns the barring of the Nobel-Prize Laureate Tawkol Karman and her companion Bushra al-Surabi from entering Egypt. The Egyptian authorities of Cairo Airport seized her diplomatic passport for more than an hour.

It also denounces the revoking of al-Surabi's visa after the authorities realized that she came as a companion of Karman.
While WJWC decries the mistreatment with Karman because she is a Nobel-Prize laureate, and she went to Egypt to take part with the protesters in the Square of Rabea al-Adwaiah and express her disapproval to what seemed an unjust war s backed by local and regional parties which stand against democracy the Arab Spring revolutions.
WJWC strongly condemns the suspension of Karman and the seizure of her passport because this is considered a violation to humanitarian freedoms.
what happened is a clear-cut evidence that the coup planners want to commit massacres against the Egyptian people and they do not anyone to know about them or to be a witness.
We demands the Egyptian authorities to apologize for Mrs. Karman and respect the humanities rights, particularly as Karman conveys a peace mission.


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