WJWC decries violations made against rights, freedoms

WJWC decries violations made against rights, freedoms

Women Journalists Without Chains (WJWC) on Tuesday staged a sit-in at the Freedom Square in the capital Sana'a. Al-Ja'ashin's displaced persons and students from Sana'a University took part in the sit-in.

During the sit-in, a leader of the Joint Meeting Parties, Naif al-Qanis, praised the struggle of the activists and students at the Freedom Square.
"Your struggle is a victory to the judiciary, justice and the constitution" he added.

"The participation of students and youth with the protesters of the Freedom Square is also a victory to our peaceful struggle" he continued. "Al-Ja'ashin's displaced persons left their houses to approve to all people that Yemenis are still looking forward to justice and peaceful change" he added.

Al-Qanis told Students and employees of Sana'a University that their participation is considered an accumulation to sacrifices of their ascendants.

For his part, the member of the Yemeni Socialist Party Yahya al-Shami called students and workers to join the struggle of journalists and activists.

"Nowadays, farmers, oppressed persons, students and professors are present in the Freedom Square, demanding their rights" he added.

"Forty years ago, from the top of this building, revolutionists of 26 September called for freedom, and you are struggling for achieving the same objectives of 26 September revolution and combating corruption prevalent in all the state joints" he went on, stressing that the activists and protesters will not stop their struggle and that they are ready to make sacrifices as their parents did" he added.

He said that people missed Alayam newspaper, the voice of freedom, indicating that it wrote and published articles about the struggle of the Yemeni people everywhere. He stressed that these protests and sit-ins organized by activists, students and workers are a support for the freedom of speech and expression.

"You are defending rights and freedoms and you are struggling and calling for a united Yemen for all Yemenis, so I am standing in solidarity with you.

I am standing with oppressed people and all those who their rights violated. I am standing in solidarity with al-Qadasi, displaced persons of al-Ja'ashin, journalists and detainees" The journalist Mohammed al-Maqaleh said.

Al-Maqleh presented the document which was brought to the court as an evidence against him, pointing out that the document included his participation in sit-ins, some articles he published on newspapers and an address he delivered at the Freedom Square in which he expressed solidarity with Bani Hushaish's displaced persons. He said that the document also included phone calls with party leaders, pointing out that these evidences depended on spying and surveillance , pointing out that the Yemeni constitution and our religion, Islam, prohibit these actions.

Al-Maqaleh said he demanded judge, during the trial, to bring those people, who kidnapped him for four months, for justice.
He cited that this Freedom Square is a place to all oppressed people, demanding the authorities to listen to their complaints and put an end to their repressions.

"I am very grateful to this square, Ms. Tawkol Karman and all of you. My release came as a result of your struggle" he added.
He demanded to release all detainees who are held on the ground of Saadah war, activism in the Southern Movement and all those who were detained unfairly.

Saif al-Jaradi, a student of Sana'a University, lauded students of Sana'a University and activists of the Freedom Square who relinquished fear, joined the activists of the Freedom Square and declare their peaceful struggle.

"We share your struggle and stand against oppression and corruption and express our refusal to corruption inside the university. Professors of the Yemeni universities are in a strike for two weeks because they demand their financial rights and we are the victims because study is suspended. The government does not meet the demands of professors and all other people".

"Our message directed to all people is that students are leaders of the future, so we demand to resume the education in Sana'a University and the demands of professors are met by the authorities" he added.

For his part, the lawyer Khalid al-Anisi said in a speech delivered in front of Sana'a' University that only a few activists and journalists were protesting before the cabinet three years ago, pointing out that the authorities attempted to bring it to an end.

"They wanted to end our protests and we hoped then that squares of freedoms are created in all areas of Yemen. Now, squares of freedoms are prevalent everywhere in Yemen. Those who struggled from inside their offices in the past have recently joined us at freedom squares " he went on.

"Nowadays, freedom squares have become a sanctuary for children, women, farmers, journalists, intellectuals, students and even policemen. We are proud that we here speak on behalf of all Yemenis. The people protesting in the Freedom Square are struggling for oppressed persons and demanding to release detainees" al-Anisi said. "Those who are oppressed or looted will find a refuge at the Freedom Square."

"We want the freedom guaranteed to us by God, a freedom without a ceiling, a freedom withoutidols. None can deprive us from our freedom" he added.

"We do not fear anyone. Look at those hungry people at streets and neighborhoods. The regime does not allow people to live with honor and dignity. Many people look for jobs, but they do not find".

"The change means victory and it is always caused by youth. Given that students of Sana'a University and Amran University joined us, we ask the regime to leave" he added.

He decries the ignorance of the authorities to university professors' rights, demanding to increase the salaries of professors and decrease salaries of President, Prime Minister and high-ranking officials.

"The Yemeni unification can be protected by freedoms, democracy and providing food to people" he said, demanding security forces to protect the Yemenis and their properties and avoid repression. He also thanked policemen, soldiers and intelligence officers who were present at the Freedom Square.

For his part, Secretary General of Doctors and Pharmacists Abdul-Qawi al-Shamiri said" We make a better future for this nation as students, tribal leaders, children and women took to streets, demoing to have their rights.

He talked about conflicts in some Yemeni areas, pointing out that people kill each other in the district of al-Hada and the authorities have taken no measures to stop these conflicts.

Chairwoman of WJWC Tawkol Karman said "I am glad because you are happy and everyone could express freedom and demand his or her rights under the state-constitution. Today, students of Sana'a University and Amran University joined this square.

"Now, you could strengthen your freedoms through your struggle. Once, we were told that the unification came paired with freedom of expression, multiparty and press freedoms. However, the democratic margin is narrowed though President of the republic claims that he was the founder of democracy" she continued.

"We will not allow anyone to breach the constitution or violate our freedoms, and we will struggle until we get all our freedoms and rights" Karman added.

"The authorities gag mouths and prevent people from having their rights of combating corruption and standing by oppressed people, and the Yemeni constitution stipulates that everyone has the right to express his opinion or have TV channels, websites and newspapers".

"You are practicing your right and express your complaints, but your bothers in al-Mukla, Aden, Lahj and al-Dhala'a are deprived from organizing such assemblies. If they stage a sit-in, they are detained. I appeal to you,youth and students, to continue your struggle because revolutions are erupted by youth and students".

"The struggle road is long and this square was founded for this purpose. If you are standing here for only having your rights, then be sure that your children will face a worse future".

Karman called for expressing solidarity with Alayam, al-Watani and Hadeeth al-Madeenah newspapers, pointing out that the authorities ban the print of these newspapers. She cited that the authorities banned channels and newspapers from covering the sit-ins and transmitting suffering of people.

Jamal al-Salimi, a student of Sana'a University, delivered a speech in which he expressed his solidarity with journalists and people of al-Ja'ashin, saying that students are leaders of the future struggle.

Ali al-Kumaim, an employee of Sana'a University, thanked all those who joined the sit-in, expressing their solidarity with detained students and suspended newspapers.

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