About Us

Who We Are
Women Journalists Without Chains (WJWC) stands as an independent nonprofit organization operating at a regional level, with a dedicated focus on advancing press freedom in the dynamic landscapes of the Middle East and North Africa. Our fundamental mission is to champion the cause of journalists, ensuring they can fulfill their vital roles without fear, while simultaneously safeguarding the universal right of every individual to access credible information and facts. We are committed to empowering citizens, enabling them to exercise their fundamental rights in shaping opinions and making informed decisions.

Principles and Advocacy
At WJWC, we're all about supporting free, diverse media and making sure everyone has the right to knowledge. We stand up against policies that go against equality and human dignity. Founded back in 2005 by Tawakkol Karman, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, in Yemen, we've grown to 21 countries by 2023. And yes, we've got the backs of journalists, whether they're women or men, facing challenges in their important work.

Scope of Work
Our Monitoring Unit here at "Women Journalists Without Chains" is always keeping a close eye on press and cultural freedom violations in the Middle East and North Africa. We're part of a network of civil society organizations all about press freedom, freedom of opinion, and human rights. Our aim? To crank up the pressure regionally and internationally, making sure folks in the Middle East and North Africa have easy access to the real facts, news, and information they deserve.
We're all about boosting skills and experiences that help shape a more diverse group of women journalists. We want them to not just be good but to ace it in the fields of journalism, media, and rights – all while keeping things ethical. And hey, we're not stopping there! We're using all kinds of media, even the latest stuff, to tackle big societal issues. It's not just about delivering news; it's about doing it with integrity and promoting tolerance every step of the way.

Digital Security Unit
Introducing our remarkable Digital Security Unit! We are fully devoted to safeguarding the digital landscape by tackling critical issues like blackmail, cyberbullying, hate speech, and the spread of fake news. Our utmost priority is to establish a secure online environment where individuals and institutions can freely interact without any looming threats of electronic blackmail.
In our relentless fight against electronic blackmail, we are committed to raising awareness, supporting victims, and developing cutting-edge technological tools to detect electronic threats and effectively monitor social media violations. Our dedication extends to providing support and assistance to victims of electronic blackmail, encompassing both male and female journalists, civil society activists, and bloggers active on social media networks in the Middle East and North Africa.