Protestors express solidarity with Alayam newspaper

Protestors express solidarity with Alayam newspaper

Women Journalists Without Chains (WJWC) arranged today a sit-in at the Freedom Square in solidarity with Alayam Newspaper and its journalists.

The protesters demanded to halt targeting its journalists, referring that the authorities insist on closing down Alayam newspapers issued in Aden due its coverage of the South's events.

They further said that the closure of Alayam affects the social peace and endanger the national unity, pointing out that the authorities commit a constitutional and humanitarian crime.

They demanded to suspend the unconstitutional and exceptional court specialized in prosecuting journalists, indicating that this court was formed to punish journalists and writers due to their pioneering role in revealing cases of corruption and highlighting violations committed against rights and freedoms.

The protesters said that this court must be revoked because it is unconstitutional and came as an interference of the executive authority in the affairs of the judicial authority.

Chairman of the Yemeni Socialist Party's parliamentary bloc Aidroos al-Naqeeb said that the state confiscated rights and freedoms and that the protesters should continue their protests at the Freedom Square.

" We met with a state official days ago and he said that Yemen has not yet witnessed development, freedoms of expression and stability as this time, but one of the attendants commented ridiculously saying that the official only spoke about his neighborhood where the electricity service is not cut and hundreds of soldiers guard it. As for the rest of Yemen, we know nothing about the development he spoke about" al-Naqeeb said.

" It is our right to ask the ruling party which closed down Alayam Newspaper and kills peaceful protesters in the South. Should we protect the unity in such way?

Al-Naqeeb said that the Yemeni authorities tackle the Yemeni problems with military and security ways and think that they can break the will of the nation and force the people to submit.

" We will not knee except to God, and the authorities will not achieve its goals and when the people wake up, none could stand in front of them" he continued.

Member of Parliament Faud Dahabah said that the Yemeni authorities undermined all factors of democracy; from parties to newspapers. There is only the Freedom Square left for the people.

Meanwhile, Chairwoman of WJWC Tawkol Karman said, in a speech, that Alayam is paying the price of its support for the freedoms of expression, rights and freedoms. "It was closed down because it performed its professional missions in covering violations committed against freedoms" she added.

Karman urged all protesters at the Freedom Square to struggle to have their rights, release their relatives from jails, arrest the killers, release suspended salaries and meet other demand which the protesters struggle for.

Karman said that the freedom of expression is a right guaranteed by the state-Constitution, and legal and humanitarian laws.
She referred that the southerners are trying to practice their rights and stage sit-ins, but they are repressed, killed and detained by security services.

She also mentioned that Alayam has been suspended since May because it hadreversed a full daily page for the protests at the Freedom Square since its resumed its issuing in 2007.

"It was the newspaper which covered sit-ins and protests and events of the southern governorates, so it was silenced by the authorities. The authorities want only those newspapers which exalt the ruler. We should loudly demand to free Alayam and put an end to the prosecution of the journalists" she added.


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