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2011 Press Freedom Report in Yemen

Women Journalists without chains reveals its annual report about press freedom in Yemen through the year 2011 that have happened 442 infringement cases affected press, with diverse ways, describing 2011 as the worst year in Human Rights in Yemen.

WJWC mentioned in its report that journalists were in the targets top list because they convey the truth to the world. This is what political system did not want which work with all its diverse facilities and employed all capacities not to convey that truth to the national and international public opinion.

WJWC explained that the infringements proceedings represented by 131 assault cases, confiscation, burned, damaging and detention of newspapers 80 cases, threats 54 cases, confiscation of stuff 28 cases, attempts murder 25 cases, arrest 25 cases, detention 24 cases, blocking and piracy 20 cases, kidnapping 18 cases and stop salaries and stop from work and stop broadcasting media channels 10 cases.Chasing journalists 8 cases, murder 7 cases, prosecution 6 cases, accusation 3 cases, and finally expulsion for foreigner journalists 3 cases.

WJWC indicated that the methods of dealing with journalists varied, some of them faces blackmails, Cajole and intimidate policy. The political system as report said did not hesitate to use no humanitarian methods in dealing with the fourth authority. The infringements deeds for this year differed between murder, attempts to murder, body attacks, threats, incitement, scandal, kidnapping, arrest, prisoning, prosecution, injured by poisoned gases and Acidic material for journalists, forbidding publishing, burned and arresting journalists. Blocking and hacking for websites, organized and random shelling on houses and different media offices, confiscation of all press stuff and forbidding recording.

WJWC expressed that the sides that made the infringements varied pointing that security authorities (national security, central security, inspection points, republican guards and political security) leaded these sides and had the biggest portion. Following these sides came thugs then snipers, the unknown men and other sides mentioned by report.


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